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Welcome to the Prototype Games wiki, a wiki dedicated to documenting prototypes!

Rules & Guidelines Edit

Add this stuff Edit

  1. Differences between the prototype and the final.
  2. More prototypes.
  3. More/improve templates.
  4. Unreleased Games. (With released prototypes)
  5. Graphics that goes unused in the prototype and the final.

Don't add this stuff Edit

  1. Hacks, just any hacks you've made.
  2. Unreleased games and prototypes for which no publicly-available ROM or disc image exists. (If you are, please put "(Undumped)" at the end)

Minecraft Edit

As long as it's before 1.0 or are snapshots, it's allowed.

Grammar and Spelling Edit

Please have good grammar and spelling, if English isn't your first language, it's ok, otherwise use SpellCheckPlus before submitting.

Prototype Terms Edit

Use terms such as Alpha and Beta properly, for your convenience, the proper uses of these terms are below.

Pre-Alpha Edit

Only used in certain games for very early development.

Alpha Edit

All the development up to beta.

Beta/Test Build Edit

All major game modes and features are closed; game is now being heavily tested for bugs by game testers.

Debug Build/Final Beta Edit

A version in which most, if not all of the game is complete, but some Debug Features are still enabled.

Master Build Edit

A version used for mass production of a game.

Final/Gold Edit

Finished and sold product.

Trial (Version)/Taikenban/Demo Edit

A demo/trial version of a game.

Preview Edit

A version either used for magazines or demos of a game.

Sample Edit

Both above.

Review Edit

A version used for reviews of a game, and is mostly complete, but still buggy.

"NTSC" and "PAL" Edit

Please don't use these (now obsolete) terms, instead use "US" and "EUR" respectively.

Snapshots Edit

A special term used for Minecraft, a snapshot is a public build, used so people can test certain things.

Vandalism Edit

I will ban you from editing, as i'm the admin of this wiki!"

Translating Edit

Please don't use stuff as Google Translate, especially with Japanese and Korean, if you are going to translate, either learn it or tell someone who knows said language to translate it, also if your using someone else's translations, please give credit!

Jokes Edit

You're allowed to do jokes, as-long as they're not racist or inappropriate.

Latest activityEdit

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